These are long time White Shepherd owners who are actively promoting the breed and are involved in White Shepherd clubs, obedience training, conformation competition, and breeding. They have known me for many years and visit my home and dogs frequently.  They can tell you of my principles, good reputation, the quality and health of my dogs, my home and how I take care of my dogs.  Following them are some testimonials, some with pictures, from people who have bought puppies.

Pat & Don Malinowski, Hopkins MN.   952-938-4369 
A retired couple with 2 dogs purchased from me. They have been great family dogs who also have earned titles in obedience and conformation competition.  Czar & Frieda pictured here.



Jean Reeves, Valparaiso, IN.  219-733-2889
A breeder for many years and frequent exhibitor in obedience and conformation.  She has a pup from us and a daughter of one of our studs, both have earned Championships.  Chairman of AWSA breed recognition committee.  "Maggie" and "Sierra" pictured here.

Margaret Stafford, Kokomo, IN  765-452-3504 
Breeder and conformation exhibitor for many years.  AWSA membership chairman.  She has bred her bitches to several of our studs and has kept a son and daughter sired by them.  Here is a picture of "Spike" winning Reserve Winner's Dog at the WSCC show, June 28.  He's a son of Warrior.  

 Dear Ronda,

I haven't written in awhile and just wanted you to know that the puppy we purchased 6 years ago (Chopper) is the best dog we ever had.  Chopper is incredibly healthy (except for occasional bouts with itching which isn't your fault-it just comes with the Florida climate) and is always happy and loving. Although he has a very big bark when someone comes to door (we encourage that), he's never met a stranger.  He actually grew to 110 lbs. which is fine by us and is perfectly proportioned.  Our vet says he is the best example of a white shepherd in the area.

Chopper loves to play, go on long walks and especially ride in the car or truck!  He was very easy to train although he still hates the cat (who taunts him mercilessly).  She's outside and he's inside with a dog door to a big back yard with a 6' fence. She likes going on his daily walks, staying just out reach and then running madly ahead and flopping down like she doesn't the energy to go one bit further as she looks over her shoulder at him.  He hates to be seen with the cat!

He loves his big blue squeeky balls the best.  And for his bed, I figured out the K-mart has a Seally mattress for baby cribs for only $45.  By putting crib sheets on it, I can keep his bed fresh and he really likes it.  It is much better than a smelly dog bed in the bedroom.

I'm so glad we did our research and got your puppy.  You're the best and keep up the great work!!

Kathy and Dave Hankins,
Naples, Florida

A couple weeks ago Shadow and I got to work at Dog Scouts of America again for the July DSA Camp, for a week. I was Instructing Water Rescue Courses, (Beach Buddies, & Boating Safety) helping with Backpacking and also a Camp Photographer.  While I was pretty busy (still hurt and swollen), Shadow still managed to earn 7 new merit badges! Hiking (all off leash), Puppy Paddlers (finally got her to swim), Obstacle Course 1,Weight Pull, Fine Art of Shaping (learned to play the drums and piano), Therapy Dog (was already a registered TDI, but had to take test at DSA for badge), and last but not least, she gets new initials for this one, she passed the American Temperament Test Society test for her TT.  She already has badges for Backpacking, Obstacle Course 2, and Art of Shaping (learned to paint watercolor pictures); Also while at camp, I have become a registered Apprentice Tester for ATTS, and got to help test 23 dogs.
We've already been invited back and will be part of the Instructor Staff at the August DSA Camp from the 12th - 18th.  So she's now - 
GR CH Tumbledowns Moon Shadow TT,PD,DSA,TDI,CGC,PennHip,OFA elbows. Here's a link to DSA:  
Mark G Echterling  Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue 

Shadow winning Best of Breed at a UKC show.  She is a daughter of Romeo


Hi Ronda,
I received the registration form and will mail it out this week.
I've officially named Dakota: Regalwise Dakota GhostShadow.
Couldn't resist adding Shadow (instead of Spirit) to his name since
it's because of Shadow that he is with us.
We attended our first session of Puppy Kindergarten yesterday morning.
It was fun. Dakota did really well and I am so proud of him. He even
went on the seesaw they have and walked up it and then down it
beautifully. It was hard to have someone else handling him though but
once I got used to it, it was ok. We will go again next Saturday as
well. Dakota was first to do everything and really enjoyed it all so
much -- he was even upset that he couldn't do it all again and again.
At one point, he was crying and I turned to Marc and told him I thought
Dakota needed a bathroom break. I told the "instructor" and Marc took
Dakota outside and my little darling had to go and go and go. Marc said
he must have been trying really hard to hold it.
He is doing super well still. He knows he's to go into his crate to
sleep at night and goes right in. He's being able to wait a little
longer each day to go out and is just so good at telling us when he
needs to go. I can't get over how smart this little tyke is. I
really love him and am so glad he's home with us now. What joy he
gives to us. And he and Cheyenne are now the best of buddies. I am
so glad. This is just "perfect."
OH! Scott, the owner of the National K-9 here got to meet little
Dakota yesterday and was very impressed with him. He told Marc what a
nice dog he is and Marc said "Tell that to my wife" so Scott turned
around, saw me and we chatted about Dakota --he was very pleased with
Dakota's looks and attitude. I know Scott liked Shadow and likes
Cheyenne, so this made me feel really good. He was the person I turned
to when I wanted a second GS -- he found me Cheyenne.
Well, enough from me.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Thanks again for everything,


WSCC/AWSA CH Tumbledown's Tejano Tango,
 "Tango" owned by Brad & Julie Hansen has
earned both a WSCC and AWSA Championship.
 She is a daughter of
WGSDCI CH Phoenix of Tumbledown, OFA
and WGSDCI CH Gozer the Destroyer,
TT, HC, CD, OVC.  


Chris Eggenberger:  "Komet is well, I'm feeding him adult food now, but made the transition slowly. His obedience training is coming along very nicely. I swear he's a little taller every day! At 5 months to the day he weighed in a 48.7 pounds.....  The instructors at obedience class always compliment Komet on his behavior and disposition.....  We had a great time at the lake a couple weekends ago. Komet finally went swimming. He was so proud of himself when he came out of the water, he completely soaked me!"


Also: Komet at a Herding instinct test.



Tom & Carol Gottardo   &  "Kramer"  
"Kramer is a joy to us.  He has easily become part of the family....He is very smart and trains easily...We have started obedience training and the trainer is very pleased with his progress.  He rides nicely in the truck, laying beside us or Harley.  He doesn't mind the veterinarian's office because they give him treats.  He recently stayed at some friend's while we were out of town and he behaved wonderfully.  He gets along well with people and other animals...He is growing into a wonderful pet.  He is a great friend and good company.  We get lots of comments from many different people about what a beautiful dog he is."


Charlene Broudy:  She is a delight!  Yes, very white (what do you bathe your white dogs with?) Black black pigment. Erect ears. She seems very settled already. Happy. Full of beans. Ula likes her new home, is full of joy, and is more independent now that she knows her way around. She sleeps by our bed with her crate door open and has free roam all day. She knows her toilet area outside already and has not made a "mistake" in the house at all, just once the first day. We take her to her area often. We get up in the night once with her. She's got a healthy appetite.  She's such a gentle puppy. Although we are here most all the time, she is quite happy to be left alone and play by herself, unlike many puppies. She never cries or complains. In the morning she wakes up and entertains herself. We hear her go in her box and have fights with her ball, barking at it. Then she'll run out and gather things she can find and store them at the very back of her box! Very busy and content.



Laura & Reggie Roy   &  Brutus
"We are sending a few pictures of Brutus.  We really enjoy him.  We are still taking him to school, he is in the advanced class now."


Judy Grumdahl  &  Tumbledown's Lady Francesca   "Fresca"  
"Here is the latest picture of Fresca.  Am I wrong, or is she absolutely gorgeous?  Like I said, she holds herself like a regal queen all the time."

Debbie Olson:  "Thank You so much for my puppy; she's perfect! I've named her Keana.  She's added so much to our lives already. My daughters (Auburn 10 and Kendra 8) are both "in love" with Keana. This is their first puppy.  On her first night home, she slept in the crate by my bed. She whined for only a few minutes but I reached down and petted her and talked to her and she calmed down. She slept the entire night!! During the day she won't leave my side. As I sit here on the computer she's lying by my feet! When I cook, she's lying down beside me, and will follow me everywhere. She goes whereever I go (except to work) and doesn't seem to mind the movement of the car. On the way home from Indiana, she sat on my lap the whole way (8 hours!). She hardly made a fuss and she went potty on command when we stopped.  Up until a few weeks ago, neither one of us had heard Keana bark. What a surprise when she started barking at the mailman, the meter reader, and now anyone walking close to the house. My girls laughed so loud the first few times she barked. I am thrilled that she's matured enough to feel she has to "protect" us!


Jerry Dilling, MD  &   "Tumbledown's Lucky Seven"
"I have owned lots of pets in my lifetime- several horses, numerous cats and dogs, several squirrils, even a raccoon- but this particular dog is one of the best, if not the best, of all.  He is very intelligent.  He is very easy to train.  All I have to do is communicate to him somehow what I want him to do, and he will do it on command from then on."....  "He is well known by many people here in town because he is always with me on weekends."....  "He gets lots of compliments on what a beautiful dog he is whenever I take him with me."

Dean & Wilma Larson  &  "Backus"
Just a short note to tell you Backus is fine and a real delight!  He is a clown and keeps Wilma & I laughing all the time.  He thinks our grandkids are great and will play fetch the squeeky by the hour.... Backus' father must have been a real great dog to make Backus such a good dog and do so many thoughtful and funny things."


Hi Ronda,
I'm sending a picture of our girl, Abby. She is really growing...she 
barks like a "big" dog, rides in the car without throwing up, this is new and 
good! she loves people and lots of attention. She and Ursa are almost never 
apart the run and play almost all day. She loves water, thinks the mud 
puddles after a rain were put there just for her. She sleeps on the bed now 
after her early morning out time, what a cuddler she say she is 
spoiled would be a lie..she is rotten! But well behaved, most of the time. 
She knows how to behave in public, walks on her leash like a pro..comes when 
she's called and sits when told. She is quickly learning to respect the 
cats..they've had a few recent "chats". Any way she continues to be a joy 
for us and for Ursa..all is working out well.. Marty




I just wanted to let you know that the breeding of Ruff and Rigel really produced a wonderful dog. Jake is an awesome dog with an amost perfect temperment. As soon as I get my digital camera fixed I will send you some pictures of Jake. His coat is great and his build is going to be perfect. He still really wants to eat all the time. Sometimes I think I am under feeding him but 5 1/2 cups a day is want they recommend for his age and weight. I did get a couple of names of people who could train me to show Jake but I am not sure I have found the right people yet. I am really glad to see you are breeding Ruff and Rigel again anyone would be lucky to get one of their pups. I hope they turn out as nice as the first two did. How is Jakes sister I would love to see a picture of her if you have one. 

Patick and Becky Voyles


Hi Ronda

Thought you might want to see a picture of THE cutest puppy
in the world...

Blizzard is just loving life these days. And we all love him.
We walk him around the block in the evenings and he's met a few
of his canine neighbors. He's settling into the house routine
nicely. His favorite spot is behind he toilet. Of course he won't
be able to fit back there much longer.

Hope all's well with you. I hope you can open this photo.
I'll be sending you more.


Regalwise Panzer Blitzkrieg

(Posted to the American White Shepherd Association email list)

I can't address the breeder's angle, but I can readily provide the buyers angle.
Price was not much of an issue when I found Ronda. What I got from her in information and caring about where the puppy went told me VOLUMES of need to know knowledge on the buying end.

She was as busy interviewing me as I was her! And to me THAT made all the difference. Here was a breeder who was not letting her dogs go to just any ol' place. She wanted to evaluate my personality and 
abilities to handle the dog as much as I was evaluating her as a responsible breeder. Easy to spot the breeder who isn't in it strictly for the money game if you know what to look for.

Her kennels were well managed and clean. All her dogs were happy and energetic, with the parent dogs right there in my immediate line of sight to check out.

She answered all questions directly and with candor, and believe me, I'm no slouch when it comes to brain-picking. *LOL*

All these things tied with a great pup are priceless. Good breeders are NOT a dime a dozen, in fact they're hard to find. I looked a while before I found the one I would invest my money, time, and trust in.

While I can't say what I feel a reasonable price would be (each dog is unique and would command the price of that uniqueness) I can say that when you find breeders like Ronda, Jean, Joanne, and the rest...price 
tends to become much less of an issue. :-)


Hi Ronda, 
It has been a while since I have written to you about Cap so I thought I 
would drop you a line. To refresh your memory, we live in north Idaho on 
about 12 1/2 acres and bought our male White Shepherd puppy from you in 
January of 1998. As I recall, he was born on December 7, 1997. 

Cap is just about everything we hoped he would be. He guards the house and 
property with enthusiasm but has never come close to biting anyone. He is 
intimidating with his bark and stature, but not terrifying, and certainly not 
viscious. Once the vistitor is introduced, he warms up quickly. 

He is about the gentlest dog I have ever seen with children as well as with 
small animals. We have chickens, rabbits and geese (which were one week old 
when we got them 5 weeks ago) and have no problem leaving him with any of 
them in the same yard unsupervised for hours at a time. Kids can crawl all 
over him, pull his tail, ears, etc without so much as a look of displeasure, 
and he often runs around the place with the older kids as though he is just 
part of the group (or pack). If he has had enough of the littlest ones 
paying attention to him, he just gets up and moves. 

Cap has absolutely become part of the family and, because we work at home for 
the time being, he is with us virtually 24 hours a day (even in our bedroom 
at night since we never got out of that habit from when he was a pup). Our 
boss will probably be moving our shop into town later this year or early next 
year and part of the deal of us making the move is that we get to bring Cap 
to work with us. He agreed to that and said that he might even put up a dog 
run for him for times that he might need to be outside. Anyway, we are 
completely happy with Cap and thought you might like to hear this. 
Jim and Cindy Brannon & 
two horses, one mule, two cats, two rabbits, two geese, five chickens, 
several mice (out in the hay shed), and, of course, Cap. 
Hi Ronda. Here is a picture of Skylla. She is almost 7 months now.
We are so delighted with her. There are a couple of other pictures that have been scanned, but since they take so long to download I will probably mail them.
Thanks so much,

Brent and Tamara (Calgary)

Sorry I have not contacted you in so long, but with work, school, and dog class I have been very busy. I just thought I would give you an update on "Kira".......she is growing very, very fast....and putting away the food I might add. She is weighing in at a slender 70 lbs. at 6 1/2 months. I can't believe how fast she is growing. She has already completed a level 1 and 1 1/2 obedience course along with a level 1 agility course....she LOVES agility....A-frame, dog walk, shoots, tunnels, weave poles.....she does it all, and with great enthusiasm. She is learning very fast, and loves to "work." I can't wait to start her on her narcotics training, but I am sure it will not be as fun as the obedience or agility. 
OH, I almost forgot...she will test for her CGC and TDI at the end of July. I decided to go ahead with the TDI. I thought it would be good Public Relations work for her to go into hospitals, schools, and so on. The hospitals here have Therapy Dog programs, and I think Kira would love it.
I have enclosed a picture of her at 6 1/2 months....not the best picture, but this is the most recent I have on my computer. 
If you would like to see some of her working agility or some of her obedience work I can send them. My other pics are of better quality than this one.
If you don't mind change my e-mail to:  
Talk with you later,  Nathan Spray #661 SPD

We think Maisy is the best looking white shepherd we've ever seen. Of course 
we haven't seen that many.  Not only is she pretty, she's a good girl.

Thanks again for doing such a great job breeding these shepherds. We hope to 
be able to visit someday.


(Posted on the White Shepherd Email list)

I agree with you all !!
I also have a dog from Ronda, and he is a real american dog, very big (for
Dutch Standard) but he is my baby and I love him to death.

My experience was also, since we have Timber, In the beginning we had some
little problems, all we had to do, was send an e-mail to Ronda and she
helped us anyway she could.

Simply Ronda, You're the Best.

Greetings from the Netherlands, Peter, Alexandra and Mitchell and off course
big kisses and hugs from Falco and Timber.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Meet our White Shepherds at:
Http:// or
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(Posted to the White Shepherd email list)

Glad I'm not the only one who sings Ronda's praises. I can't tell you how happy
I am with Dakota Ghost. He is absolutely the smartest pup I've ever had and
is the happiest little fellow I've ever seen. He is my darling baby and it
just about kills me to have to leave him when I have to go to work.

Yep, I agree with everything you said about he pups you've gotten from Ronda.
Dakota is the same way -- he adapts so easily and is such a wonderful boy.
He lies down in the back seat of the car when we are traveling with him and he
just "settles" in no matter where we re or what we're doing. Everyone at work
teases me as they say I really come alive when talking about him. I know I do!
For all the breeders out there who are as careful in their breeding
programs as Ronda is in hers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart as I know we are
continually improving the White breed of Shepherds!
Ronda, I still can't thank you enough and am so glad I found you when I did.
Dakota sends you a big wet kiss!

Hey Ronda,
We're just telling it like it is. You are a GREAT breeder and the dogs that
we have received from you are just so fantastic. We can't say enough!
And we all thank you for having the careful breeding program that you do. You
do us all proud.
I don't think you breeders get enough praise -- if it wasn't for breeders like
you, we really wouldn't be bettering the breed and none of us who have your
pups would be so happy. And believe me, I know we are absolutely delighted
with our babies.
Thanks and thanks again.

(Posted to the White Shepherd email list)

I couldn't agree more, di! i have several of ronda's dogs, and they're
terrific. my female certi, that i got from her and jon, is about to have
pups by chief, a descendant. their last litter was great, and i can't
wait to see how this one turns out. 

the infants i've gotten from her have been wonderful. very
well socialized, calm, and adapt so easily, taking everything in their stride.
they have gotten off the plane and as soon as they're out of the crate and
in the car they settle down, giving kisses and looking around. they bond so
fast - the first day they come here they are secure enough with me to dive
under my chair when some exuberant member of the pack gets to bouncy with
them. that tells you how well she's raised them, to know that humans are
love, comfort, safety, dependability.

thanks for all the wonderful dogs, ronda! the world is a much, much
better place with them in it.

Visit my website at

Dear Ronda, 
thought I would say hello and see how you are doing. Josh is doing just fine and the kid's love him as if it was the first day we got him home. I do not have a scanner so we will get you out some picture's ok. he is right at 90 Lbs. and love's too swim more then anything. he also likes to play catch and football. you would be very proud of him. he has given us so much love and we all love him so much. well, I hope you have a merry Christmas and a very good year. 
The Mantei's & Josh........
it seems hard to believe that Halie turned 4 months old Saturday
as it seems like yesterday we were picking her up from you. She is so
much a part of this family that I don't know how we got along with out
her. She is probably the best puppy I or my wife have ever had. We have
had very few accidents in the house and you can be sure she will let you
know she has to go out. She chewed up very little and she has not chewed
up any shoes, furniture, clothing or anything significant. Like most
puppies she likes to jump and we are working to control that. She has
been so good for Kelly and has helped Kelly get over her fear of dogs.

Lest I put to big a halo around her head, she is still a puppy and acts
accordingly. I think the hardest thing for us is to remember that she is
only four months and that everything is still play with her. 

I have received both her AKC and UKC registration certificates and will mail
you a copy of each per your request. I will also send you a picture of
her so you can see how she has grown and how pretty she is. I have not
had a chance to go see your friend Chris, but will take Halie by soon to
meet her relatives. Thanks again for being the kind of breeder and
person you are. 
Halie attests to how successful you are.
Karen, Kelly, and Chuck

Hello, Ronda -
I received the UKC registration information. Thanks. I filled out my parts on the form and mailed it in. 
Lacey is growing and developing well. We have finished puppy kindergarten. I think next month I will sign her up for a basic obedience class. She really enjoyed the puppy kindergarten; she is very sociable with people and other dogs and puppies. She thinks everyone is her friend. :-)
Lacey knows quite a few commands now and is learning more. She doesn't always obey, but I think that will improve. She knows Sit, Stay, Down, Come and No Bite. We are also working on Heal, Drop It, Crawl and Roll Over. 
Lacey is only so-so on a leash. Sometimes she pulls hard and other times she walks nicely. I have ordered a Halti type of collar, on the recommendation of the teacher of her class. She says that should make a big difference.
A photo is attached, taken just about a week ago as she turned 4 months old. She weighed 33 pounds at her vet check last weekend. I have been watching her growth closely, following your guidelines about feeling the ribs and seeing the first one. 
Everyone comments on how pretty she is. Even the vet called her "striking," and he sees a lot of dogs! 
Lacey isn't a big barker. She will bark once to go out or to come in, if we don't notice that she is sitting by the door. However, even though she doesn't bark much (and we like that), she is rather vocal in other ways. She makes lots of different kinds of little noises, according to what she is doing, how she is feeling, etc. It's kind of amusing. Rick was walking her and met another GSD owner (black and tan), and as they got to talking, that guy mentioned that his dog is also very "talkative." 

Lacey is a great dog. I am so glad that we came down to pick her out in person. The responsiveness and sociable nature that showed even back then has developed into a wonderful personality.

Take care,
Dawn De Grazio

Hello Ronda,

The puppy is much much better than you described. Her personality is excellent. She is very outgoing and loves attention.

Will write you later, got to get back to work


Just letting you know everything is going great. Dora has such a stable temperament; she was not phased by the plane ride, the drive home( including a stop at my brother's work which included an elevator ride), and she has already acclimated to our home. She slept the whole night through. Coupled with her color and overall structure, I couldn't be happier. Thanks again, Les Stotler
Hi!  Just wanted to give you an update on Kansas. 
She is doing incredible!   What an exceptional dog.  When I first emailed you about a pup, we had recently lost our WSD to cancer.  My greatest hope was to get another dog that was as great as she was.  Kansas has already surpassed my greatest expectations!  At just three months she already knows sit, down, stay, lets go, and leave it.  When I say she knows these things, I mean it.  She is incredibly focused.  She always looks to me for direction.  Her puppy kindergarten teacher actually does additional work with us because Kansas is so far ahead of her class.
The other people in class like to watch her because they can't believe how smart she is.  She is a joy to watch.
At home, she has already settled into a nice pup with the kids.  I believe she is housebroken.  I don't give her free reign of the house, though.  She does cry at the door when she has to go.  We haven't had any accidents in almost 2 weeks.
The bottom line is- we love her.  I couldn't have asked for a better pup.  
Thank you!   Tracy




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